The structure of Bauerfeind AG

Represented worldwide – at home in Germany

For more than 80 years Bauerfeind has been producing exclusively at its German site. The quality of its high-class medical aids is held in high regard all over the world. Bauerfeind is represented around the world, with 20 subsidiaries and distributors. Modern logistics allow us to guarantee short delivery times to our trading partners.
In all, around 2000 employees worldwide work for the success of the company and the benefit of patients.

Development and production in Germany

Supports, orthoses, medical compression stockings and orthopedic orthoses from Bauerfeind are all "made in Germany". Some are crafted by hand. We live up to our high quality standards and effectiveness thanks to qualified technical personnel, modern technology and continuous quality controls.

Bauerfeind in Germany

We manufacture in Remscheid/North Rhine-Westphalia and at our headquarters in Zeulenroda/Thuringia. At the Remscheid site, orthopedic orthoses plus surgical, relief and therapeutic shoes are produced. The use of computer-aided measurement and milling technology gives rise to a broad product range of orthopedic foot products.

In addition to the production of supports, orthoses and compression stockings you can find the Bauerfeind Innovation Center, the Bauerfeind Academy, the logistics division and the central administration with customer services at the site of the company's headquarters in Zeulenroda.

Worldwide sales

Outside Germany, 20 subsidiaries and over 70 distributors perform the sales function in the countries in question.

Strong in co-operation – the Bauerfeind Group

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