BODYTRONIC® 110 from medilogic

Ideal for flexible use

Bodytronic 110 dynamically captures the pressure conditions at the sole of the foot. An individual dynamic measurement is carried out for each foot. More than 2,000 pressure sensors capture precise measurement values and transmit them to the software. The plate is lightweight and hard-wearing so the small measuring plate is ideal for flexible use due to its size.

Measurement technique

To measure dynamic foot pressure, the pressure distribution on the sole of the foot is calculated while walking and displayed at least twice as a graph. To do this, the customer walks across the measurement plate twice, barefoot and at a normal speed, each time stepping on the measurement area with one foot. Pressure sensors then capture the data and transmit it to the software.


The calculated measurement values can be displayed using isobaric, sensor, or 3D representation. Pressure and load points are displayed graphically and color-coded according to their maximum and average intensity. The color scale ranges from blue (low pressure) to red (high pressure). Furthermore, it is also possible to analyze pressure point movement on a graph.