Leg health can be measured

The first wireless light reflection rheography system in the market that allows for early detection of venous disorders which may lead to varicose veins and more serious conditions in the lower legs. Venous pumping power and refill time can be measured quickly and easily within just a few minutes. When combined with the Image 3D measurement system and VenoTrain® compression stockings, the result is a complete care concept promoting leg health.

  • Early identification of vein problems using a quick, easy, non-contact method
  • The first wireless LRR system based on the latest Bluetooth technology


Infrared sensors are positioned above the inside of the ankle to measure how effectively the blood is pumped out of the veins during a predefined sequence of movements. The venous refill time is also measured during the procedure.

Complete care

Bodytronic 200 allows vein and leg health to be measured. The necessary measures can then be taken on the basis of the results. The Bodytronic 600 digital measurement system can be used to determine the precise dimensions of the leg and to automatically identify the most appropriate VenoTrain® compression stockings. This means that the appropriate product can be dispensed quickly and effectively ensuring best possible treatment for the patient and indication in question. This leads to successful, long-lasting results.

Custom-made products from specialist retailers

Everyone's legs are different and during the course of life, the functional ability of the legs can change and their performance can deteriorate. VenoScan enables the health of the leg and the veins to be analyzed and represented accurately. This allows vein problems to be detected at an early stage and monitored on an ongoing basis. Your medical supply retailer will advise you.

Features and benefits

  • The first wireless LRR system based on the latest Bluetooth technology
  • User-friendly, compact and easy to operate
  • Infrared sensors allow for rapid, non-contact and pain-free measurements
  • Dynamic measurement procedure
  • Elimination of human error when reading and transferring results
  • Integrated documentation of patient and measurement data


  • Early detection of vein problems that are not outwardly visible
  • Support for successful treatment