Eine Frau streckt sich an ihrem Homeoffice Arbeitsplatz im Sitzen.

It’s not until you add up things like your journey to work, the short walk you take at lunchtime, or your route to a meeting that you realize how little we move when working from home. One part of our body that often suffers from a lack of movement is our back. Back pain is part and parcel for those who spend long periods of time sitting down every day and don’t have an ergonomic home working set-up. In order to prevent this, we’ve put together a few simple exercises that you can do at home without difficulty when you take breaks from working. Why not also find out more about the correct way to sit at your workstation and what else you can do to stay active and be kind to your back?

Simple tips to prevent back pain:

How to master your everyday routine working from home

Anyone who has the option of working from home should examine whether their workspace is ergonomic and bear several things in mind. After all, long periods of sitting down under poor conditions or hunching over a laptop don’t just cause problems in the shoulder and neck area: the lower back is often also affected by pain. If you don’t manage to improve your seated posture and offset your inactivity in the long term, you’re at risk of developing serious health problems such as an intervertebral disk prolapse or osteoarthritis. We might even struggle to keep our productivity at the level asked of us if our well-being is damaged by back pain when sitting.



Good to know: Exercise not only serves as an outlet for stress reduction, but also to strengthen our immune system; as is well known, this is more important than ever under the current circumstances. What’s more, with daily workouts we can also reduce our risk of obesity and cardiovascular problems.

So, stay active!


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