About the Bauerfeind Academy

Bauerfeind Academy

The Bauerfeind Academy was established in July 2007 and offers comprehensive training services for all fields of modern medical aid production and medical retailers.

An integral part of Bauerfeind AG, it is our role to support, promote and assist training and learning on an ongoing basis and to act in a dynamic, goal-oriented and effective fashion as a partner of our target groups.

Interfaces and partners

The Bauerfeind Academy worldwide

The Bauerfeind Academy operates according to the principle "practical training for practical applications" when planning and implementing its training options in an international network. Training areas and subjects are defined – and developed and optimized on an ongoing basis – in close co-operation with marketing and product management, and the sales organization.

For the development of our own staff in particular this takes place in collaboration with the personnel department to ensure that all requirements of contemporary adult education are fulfilled.Co-operation with the Bauerfeind subsidiaries takes place through national training officers, who are responsible for the implementation and adaptation of training content and formats on a national level. In addition to our own trainers, the Bauerfeind Academy draws upon the competence and resources of external partners such as doctors, physiotherapists, personal trainers and management consultants.In addition, since 2009 the Bauerfeind Academy has run a joint further training course for sports orthopedic technicians with the Federal Academy of Orthopaedic Technology in Dortmund and Osnabrück Clinic.

Target groups & services
Target groups & services

Under the slogan "training for all" the Bauerfeind Academy targets the worldwide management and staff of our medical retail partners, doctors and other health professions and, last but not least, our own staff, in particular in the fields of marketing and sales.In the Bauerfeind Academy, not only do internal and external speakers convey their technical knowledge, but participants also find optimal conditions for acquiring practical skills for the use of products and care systems in the integrated workshop and training rooms.Whether by courses, seminars or workshops in the Bauerfeind Academy in Zeulenroda or directly on site, we offer you the further education options needed to impart or deepen the required knowledge.

The study areas include:

  • Medical principles in the fields of orthopedics and foot orthopedics as well as phlebology and lymphology
  • Bauerfeind products and care systems and in particular Bauerfeind measurement systems
  • Sales courses from beginner to advanced level
  • Management seminars for middle and upper leadership levels in medical retail.

You can find comprehensive information on the training courses offered by the Bauerfeind Academy on our partner portal for Bauerfeind quality partners.


The Bauerfeind Academy houses various seminar and training rooms with the requisite video and presentation technology and PC workstations including a truss-maker workstation, two machine rooms and one room to which users and patients can withdraw to try things on.

For training in the field of measurement technology, one area is equipped with the Bauerfeind measurement systems Image 3D, ScanCam, VenoScan and MediLogic as well as eight computer workstations. A treadmill is available for movement analyses or gait pattern checking.As everywhere at Bauerfeind, the fittings and equipment of the premises are chosen with due consideration for ecological aspects. And, of course, the Bauerfeind Academy is also accessible for disabled guests.

For management and sales seminars over several days we make use of the premises and conference technology of the Bio See Hotel Zeulenroda. The Bio See Hotel Zeulenroda is also used for the accommodation of all guests attending seminars and workshops at the company's headquarters.


The Bauerfeind Academy actively supports you and your colleagues with well-founded practical training opportunities. We will have been successful if what is learned is applied in day-to-day practice for the benefit of our patients and to ensure a high level of care.In addition, we would be delighted if you were to visit us again and recommend us to others.