Dirk Nowitzki will continue to be Bauerfeind’s global brand ambassador

Dirk Nowitzki, former professional NBA player, and Bauerfeind, a leading manufacturer of medical products such as supports, orthoses, foot orthoses and compression stockings, are extending their long-term cooperation initiated in 2016.

“I can easily identify with Bauerfeind, the corporate values of the founding family and the management’s philosophy of sustainability,” Dirk Nowitzki explains. “I know and value Bauerfeind’s products, and I’m excited that we are continuing our partnership.”

But this partnership goes far beyond brand promotion and communications. The professional basketball player has been using Bauerfeind products during training and matches since 2008 – long before he became the official brand ambassador for the medical aid manufacturer headquartered in Zeulenroda, Germany, in January 2016. That is why his feedback for the further development of the medical product portfolio has been so valuable from the beginning. But most of all, he provided important input for the global launch of the new Bauerfeind Performance products for active athletes in 2016, as early as the first year of this collaboration.

In 2019, after playing for the same club, the Dallas Mavericks, for 21 years, Dirk Nowitzki retired from his active NBA career that was filled with records, high scores and awards. While he will stay in Dallas with his family, Dirk Nowitzki also plans to engage in entrepreneurial activities in this new stage of his life. That is why Bauerfeind will intensify its marketing cooperation with the 42-year-old, involving national and international events that he will attend alongside Bauerfeind to deepen, strengthen and further develop partnerships and relations. Our cooperation will also include the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris (July 26 to August 11).

“Dirk Nowitzki is a basketball legend with a genuine personality and widespread popularity in many countries. His authentic commitment to high-quality goods made by Bauerfeind and his experience with our products make Dirk the perfect brand ambassador for us,” highlights Rainer Berthan, Bauerfeind Chief Executive Officer.