Less pain and more functional abilities after 7 days

First scientific evidence on CoxaTrain for osteoarthritis

The innovative CoxaTrain expands the non-surgical treatment possibilities for osteoarthritis of the hip. Now, first evidence of effective treatment with the hip brace is available. The study results published in the open-access specialist journal Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnologyby Steingrebe et al. demonstrate a significant pain reduction and increase in functional abilities with the CoxaTrain.

In a controlled, randomized study design, scientists from the BioMotion Center at the Institute of Sport and Sports Sciences at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) investigated the effects of the orthosis on patients with osteoarthritis of the hip with regard to gait, joint function and pain level. After a wearing time of seven days, on average, pain at night was reduced by 17.8%, and pain while walking by 28.6%. In addition, the CoxaTrain resulted in increased performance with a 5.2% longer walking distance.

This first demonstration provides evidence for the use of hip braces to support pain and movement therapy in cases of osteoarthritis of the hip and shows that structures such as muscles or soft tissue also respond to non-surgical treatment approaches for a relief of symptoms.

A summary of selected results from the publication is available as a digital whitepaper in English and in German and can be requested via medical.affairs@bauerfeind.com.