New: the "ErgoPad Soft style" foot orthosis by Bauerfeind

Soft cushioning marked in color

The new "ErgoPad Soft style" soft foam foot orthoses cushion the feet in three different versions: "Heel", "Heel Plus" and "Complete".

Depending on the design, the soft cushion is positioned beneath the main load-carrying areas on the sole of the foot. The "Heel" version features a softer green area of material positioned beneath the heel to relax the feet in the initial stages of chronic heel and ankle pain or heel spurs. In the "Heel Plus" version, the base of the fifth metatarsal bone is cushioned in turquoise material, in addition to the heel. Based on anatomical characteristics, this small bone can be very prominent if the foot is prone to supination misalignment. In addition to cushioning on the heel and the base of the fifth metatarsal bone, the "Complete" version features a separate red forefoot cushion for the first to fifth metatarsal heads and the big toe. The soft foam made of high-quality EVA is combined using a special production method and can be adjusted with little effort to suit individual patients. Thermal reinforcement in the metatarsal area ensures stability while maintaining a lightweight, slim design. "ErgoPad Soft style" is suitable for everyday use as well as for sports and leisure activities.