New GenuTrain P3 knitted to measure

Custom-made support redesigned to relieve the kneecap

Oct 1, 2018

Customers who order custom-made products and have patella problems will now receive a new version of the GenuTrain P3 support. It is an exact equivalent of the current standard generation of supports and comes in two lengths. The measuring points are redefined as well.

The custom-made support now has a soft, anatomically shaped compression knit as well as a wedge-shaped muscle-relaxing pad on the outer thigh. This second pad reduces tension in the fasciae of the iliotibial tract and helps the kneecap to move in a physiologically correct path. To ensure the custom-made GenuTrain P3 fits perfectly, circumferences are measured at the middle of the knee and five other parts of the leg. Retailers can choose between the long and short varieties for their customers: The long version has a length of 22cm at the upper thigh and 17 below the middle of the knee and the short version 18cm and 15cm respectively. Patients with conical legs or very weak connective tissue can optionally choose to attach a 5cm-wide silicone dotted band on the top edge of the thigh. The custom-made support is available in the colors titan and natural.

You can order the custom-made GenuTrain P3 by e-mailing the International Customer Service at Please note to ask at first for the updated ordering form with the new measuring points.

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