New GloboTec Comfort, FS foot orthosis

Mar 6, 2019

Stabbing pain in the heel is a daily problem for one in every ten Germans and makes walking extremely painful. Orthopedic foot orthoses counteract the root causes and help prevent the problem from becoming chronic. This is also true for Bauerfeind’s new model “GloboTec Comfort, FS”. 

Chronic heel and ankle pain is caused by inflammatory changes to the plantar fascia, a cord that resembles connective tissue and that runs from the inside of the heel on the sole of the foot through to the metatarsal heads. The inflammation is usually located in the heel bone. The new foot orthosis’ core construction leaves the inflamed tendon insertion and its further path free, providing effective relief for the painful area. A heel cushion that is customized for this central section of the foot cushions the hindfoot further when walking. A comfortably soft step with reduced pain is further guaranteed by a three-millimeter long-sole cushioning. As standard range product, the foot orthosis bridges the gap between acute treatment with heel cushions and the premium care provided by the ErgoPad redux heel orthosis. The “GloboTec Comfort, FS” is available in sizes 35 to 48 and can even be worn even in tight-fitting shoes. The breathable and odor inhibiting Onsteam microfiber top cover prevents unpleasant sweating inside the shoe. 

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