Scientific article in the open-access journal Plos One regarding the muscle-activating effect of the lumbar support

Mar 6, 2019

The latest study conducted by Prof. Dr. Christoph Anders (Jena University Hospital) regarding the impact of the LumboTrain on muscle activity and pain perception in back patients has now been published in Plos One. It is outlined in the scientific article Influence of elastic lumbar support belts on trunk muscle function in patients with non-specific acute lumbar back pain that there have been no signs of muscular atrophy with the lumbar support and that pain symptoms decreased more quickly.

36 test subjects suffering from acute, non-specific lumbar back pain took part in the randomized controlled study and performed tests while walking on a treadmill as well as under static strain in the whole body tipping unit Centaur. The back muscle activity in the group wearing the support was on the same level or even above that of the control group at all assessment visits. Furthermore, patients fitted with LumboTrain also reported increased pain relief and fewer functional impairments than those not wearing the support.

The preceding study on healthy subjects that came to the same conclusion regarding muscle activity has now been published in the open-access journal Biomechanics Open Library under the title Effects of an abdominal belt on trunk muscle activity during treadmill walking. The Bauerfeind Academy is providing a summary of selected findings for each of the two LumboTrain studies. The whitepapers can be ordered free of charge from

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