Foot orthosis with low arch support

ErgoPad redux heel

May 27, 2019

Thanks to its innovative orthotic core, the ErgoPad redux heel foot orthosis is frequently used for the effective treatment of chronic heel and ankle pain. In order to be able to provide even more individual support to patients, a new version with a lower instep support is now available. This version is suitable for patients suffering from chronic heel and ankle pain who are sensitive to a raising of the longitudinal arch. 

Just like the other versions of the ErgoPad redux heel, the flat version is equipped with an orthotic core featuring our Relief Core Technology. This technology targets anatomical weak points in the case of chronic heel and ankle pain or calcaneal spurs. The cut-out section in the heel area relieves the pressure on the bones with each step. The fan design relaxes the inflamed area of the plantar aponeurosis. The cushion design of the flat version is slightly thinner than in the established model. This means that the new foot orthosis is even better suited for shoes with limited space. 

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