The new GenuTrain OA knee orthosis

Oct 4, 2019

An active person living with osteoarthritis of the knee? Become more active with GenuTrain OA – the new knee orthosis provides targeted lateral or medial relief, staying securely in place even during rapid movements and providing plenty of freedom of movement. The Boa® Fit System enables patients to set the relieving effect of the orthosis themselves and adjust it while wearing the product.

The new GenuTrain OA is a single-joint knee orthosis made from elastic 3D knitted mesh with an integral unique relief and stabilizing system: a combination of joint splint, pad, and guided relief straps which form a double figure-eight loop around the thigh and calf. Turning the dial of the Boa® Fit System applies tension to these straps, securing the orthosis in a perfect fit. The splint and pad are pulled to the leg, applying the relieving force at three points. This relieves pressure on the painful compartment and has a stabilizing effect on the joint and gait. The force is applied outside of the painful area. If it is relief for the medial compartment that is required, the flexible joint splint and visco-elastic pad are positioned laterally. If it is the lateral compartment that needs relief, these two components are positioned medially. 

Patients can adjust the level of relief quickly and easily while wearing the product without having to take the orthosis or their clothing off. The tension can be precisely controlled, fixed, and released again using the dial. The lightweight orthosis lies flat and can be handled through the material of your trousers. The GenuTrain OA comes in five sizes and in the two versions for right medial/left lateral or left medial/right lateral. Technicians can adjust the orthosis without any need for tools.

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