New siliconized edge with micro dots

VenoTrain micro compression stockings

Oct 4, 2019

The thigh-high variant of the VenoTrain micro compression stockings is available from September with a highly elastic and even more skin-friendly siliconized edge with micro dots. The inside is thinly coated with micro dots which ensures a secure hold while still allowing the skin to get enough air. Thanks to its high elasticity, it adapts to the wearer’s leg shape and thigh circumference very well and creates a slip-resistant edge, even with soft connective tissue. It leaves hardly any marks on the skin when you take it off. This highly elastic siliconized edge no longer needs to be produced in both a regular and wide size, making the compression stockings easier to order and stock. With a microfiber content of more than 50 percent, the VenoTrain micro is an extra-smooth compression stocking. The exceptionally soft and skin-friendly stocking relieves minor problems affecting the veins in the legs, such as spider veins or varicose veins, and is recommended for work, travel, and prevention as well as during pregnancy.

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