Soft cushioning marked in color

The new "ErgoPad Soft style" soft foam foot orthoses cushion the feet in three different versions: "Heel", "Heel Plus" and "Complete". Read more

ACL comparative study with SofTec Genu online

Publication of a study in the open access journal Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology regarding stabilization with SofTec Genu after torn… Read more

Dirk Nowitzki hosts the virtual Bauerfeind exhibition stand

With a virtual exhibition stand and various workshops, Bauerfeind participated in the OTWorld.connect trade fair from October 27 to 29, held this year… Read more

Training for the hip: The new CoxaTrain

Stay active with osteoarthritis of the hip, stay active with CoxaTrain Read more

More length on the stomach, more room for the back

10 centimeter fastening extension now also available for the LordoLoc back orthosis Read more

The new EpiTrain

The latest generation of the elbow support with a new sizing system and measuring point Read more

Wild Berry meets Cool Mint

The year is once again off to a vibrant start with the launch of the new Fashion Colors “Wild Berry” and “Cool Mint” for the VenoTrain micro and… Read more

The new generation of the GenuTrain

The original modern knee support is continuing to enhance quality and is being launched on the market with new knitted fabric, a new pad, and new… Read more

New knitted fabric for LumboTrain/LumboTrain Lady

Back supports should feel good to wear all-round – the new high-low knitted fabric with integrated comfort zones fulfills this requirement. This… Read more

Effective protection for sensitive feet

ErgoPad Sensitive soft cushioned orthosis Read more