The new AchilloTrain to treat the Achilles tendon

Bauerfeind is now offering a new AchilloTrain for reducing Achilles tendon problems. Read more

The next generation of the GenuTrain A3

The GenuTrain A3 helps patients with osteoarthritis of the knee to stay active from an early stage. Read more

Turning rigid into flexible

How do you set a new benchmark for frame braces for the treatment of knee problems? Read more

New thumb orthosis for OA-patients bei RhizoLoc OA

When grasping movements begin to hurt, those affected quickly need functional support during everyday activities and treatment. Read more

Feeling more stable after ACL surgery

Following the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), patients with residual knee complaints can benefit from compression during follow-up… Read more

First scientific evidence on CoxaTrain for osteoarthritis

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Winglet TV event on back pain therapy

Back pain - a recurring issue: What are the chances of success with non-surgical and surgical procedures? Read more

The new generation of ManuTrain

The new ManuTrain is now available, with specific benefits for treating patients who are in pain. Read more

The new AirLoc for acute care

The AirLoc now combines protection for the injured ankle with maximum comfort, thus setting a new benchmark for acute care. Read more

Naturally Mediterranean

From February, the new 2022 Fashion Colors "Rich Olive" and "Mystic Blue" will be available for the VenoTrain micro and VenoTrain soft compression… Read more