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Peer and patient reports about supports and orthoses

Aug 8, 2018

When looking for information to guide a treatment decision, is a comprehensive source of peer and patient reports about experiences with the medical aid manufacturer’s supports and orthoses. Case studies, expert interviews and study reports can be accessed using the search function or the Bauerfeind product group tabs, to allow for an overview of evidence-based information and individual opinions.

The practice-oriented magazine Bauerfeind life is addressed at physicians and medical retailers. The printed edition is published three times a year, in an English and a German version. The magazine’s digital counterpart is the website, which also acts as an archive and source for case examples and background stories.

The current key topic is also the focus of the latest print edition: the non-surgical treatment of gonarthrosis using supports with a proprioceptive effect and relief orthoses. 

Not only physicians get the chance to speak about this subject, but also test subjects, therapists and retailers. Their perspectives shed light on the greater therapeutic context. What matters for a 78-year-old grandfather with grade IV gonarthrosis is that he can delay surgery further and walk for longer with the help of an orthosis. The physiotherapist who has been treating him for the past 20 years is primarily concerned with how the orthosis fits in with a multi-modal treatment approach and how it complements other measures. The retailer is aware of the fact that patients tend to have unspoken reservations and that they will usually need to briefly test the prescribed orthopedic support, to be sure that it does not hurt and is pleasant to wear.

Further comments, as well as specialist assessments, information about international treatment practice and special interest topics – such as an article about the significance of the infrapatellar fat pad for knee stability, which is among the page’s most read contributions – are available via the search feature and suggested items.

The English and German articles on are freely available, the latest print edition can be ordered free of charge by sending an email to

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