Redesigned custom-made support for patella patients

GenuTrain P3 knee support

Oct 1, 2018

From October onwards, Bauerfeind is relaunching the custom-made GenuTrain P3 support to provide pressure relief for the kneecap. Retailers can now supply their customers who order custom-made products with exactly the same support as the current standard generation, including the soft knit, a muscle-relaxing pad on the thigh, but with two lengths to choose from.

GenuTrain P3 support is the ideal treatment option in the Bauerfeind range for patients with stability problems and painful knees caused by misalignment of the kneecap. It ensures that the kneecap moves in a physiologically correct path and stops it from drifting laterally thanks to its adjustable corrective strap and two pads. The GenuTrain P3’s patella pad actively stimulates parts of the stabilizing vastus medialis muscle, prevents the patella from tilting by covering the middle, and stimulates the infrapatellar fat pad (Hoffa’s fat pad) with two friction points to alleviate pain in the retropatellar area. Its second, wedge-shaped pad on the outer thigh reduces tension in the fasciae of the iliotibial tract. 

Details of the custom-made range

The redesigned custom-made GenuTrain P3 support now also has the muscle-relaxing pad and has the same soft, anatomically shaped compression knit as the current Train line. To ensure it fits perfectly, circumferences are measured at the middle of the knee and five other parts of the leg. Provided that the circumferences of the middle of the knee, thigh, and calf measure at least 30cm, 39cm, and 28cm respectively, retailers can choose between the long and short varieties: The long version has a length of 22cm at the upper thigh and 17cm below the middle of the knee and the short version 18cm and 15cm respectively. Patients with conical legs or very weak connective tissue can choose to attach a 5cm-wide silicone dotted band on the top edge of the thigh if they wish. The custom-made support is available in the colors titan and natural. 

Order for custom-made products

You can order the custom-made GenuTrain P3 by e-mailing the International Customer Service at Retailers that use the Bodytronic 600 measurement system can place orders for standard and custom-made sizes directly in the online shop once they have taken measurements. Knitting to measure takes two working days, meaning “ordered today, dispatched in two days at the latest” applies.

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