Effective protection for sensitive feet

ErgoPad Sensitive soft cushioned orthosis

Aug 12, 2019

The new orthopedic ErgoPad Sensitive foot orthosis from Bauerfeind ensures indication-specific foot cushioning for sensitive feet and for diabetics without diagnosed neuropathy or peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

Diabetic foot abnormalities may be noticed as slowly as the condition itself. A degeneration of vessels, nerves, or bones goes unnoticed for a long time, often resulting in diabetic foot syndrome, sometimes with severe consequences. External signs that can be observed at the beginning include foot deformities and excessive cornification of the skin, called hyperkeratosis. Unsuitable footwear and beginning nerve damage (neuropathy) can have a lasting, deteriorating effect on the foot.

In order to prevent the danger of lesions in high-risk feet, i.e. injury and damage to the skin, and therefore severe complications, it is important to ensure indication-specific foot cushioning in the shoes early on. The orthopedic ErgoPad Sensitive foot orthosis offers effective protection: two integrated soft cushion layers distribute pressure evenly and broadly. The foot orthoses thus relieve pressure on the feet, preventing pressure points and rubbing between the foot and the shoe. With its long-sole base layer and navy blue microfiber top cover, the foot orthosis also impresses with its modern look. ErgoPad Sensitive is available in sizes 35 to 48 in a comfort shoe shape. 

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