Our knee osteoarthritis portfolio gives your knee the individual support it needs. Our bandages and orthoses are specially designed for the various arthrosis stages.

Here you will find all important product information and distinguishing features:

GenuTrain® A3

GenuTrain A3 was specially developed to relieve pain related to osteoarthritis and delay the progress of the disorder as long as possible. The star-shaped functional cushion provides targeted stimulation to the stabilizing muscles around the knee. Large, specially nubbed zones massage the painful areas with each movement. The soft Train knit fabric is particularly pleasant to wear.

  • Alleviates pain due to osteoarthritis
  • Easy to put on with minimal effort
  • Particularly pleasant to wear


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GenuTrain® S

For mild to moderate instability of the knee, the GenuTrain S is the perfect aid. Lateral joint splints guide your knee in its correct axis of movement. At the same time, the elastic Train knit fabric exerts an intermittent compression massage during movement to promote healing. This activates the leg muscles, helping your knee to quickly regain stability.

  • High level of lateral stability
  • Additional protection from the outside
  • Protection against painful movements


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GenuTrain® OA

GenuTrain OA relieves the painful area on the inside or outside of the knee in cases of osteoarthritis, injury, or instability. Thanks to its light weight, breathable 3D knitted mesh, and pressure-free bending zone in the hollow of the knee, it provides an extremely comfortable fit. The many advantages of the orthosis make it a pleasant companion, even over long periods of time.

  • Noticeable relief for pain on the side of the knee
  • Regulate your relief depending on your personal requirements
  • Increased activity and comfort, even over a long period of time


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SecuTec® OA

SecuTec OA was specially developed for patients with moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the knee. It provides relief for your knee after a cruciate ligament tear, cartilage surgery or meniscus surgery, for example. Thus the orthosis not only effectively alleviates pain, but also gives your knee the necessary security for movements that promote recovery.

  • Stay moving longer with less pain
  • Helps with medial or lateral osteoarthritis
  • Assists the preservation of the knee joint and can delay the need for surgery


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We at Bauerfeind would like to support you in living an eventful life despite knee osteoarthritis - without painkillers, therapy guidelines and surgery. We can help you with our supports and orthoses, which have been specially developed for knee osteoarthritis patients.

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