VenoTrain® act – with Lycra® fibers

Gentle support for him and her

VenoTrain act support stockings are comfortably stimulating. They provide gentle support in everyday life, improve circulation and ensure legs stay fit for longer when sitting or standing for prolonged periods and when traveling. VenoTrain act combines modern, skin-friendly materials with attractive designs that are available in a variety of colors.

  • Moderate to high level of support (70 – 280 denier)
  • Extensive range
  • For more comfort in everyday life

Product Details
Three different types of support stockings

The “sheer elegance” version provides light to medium support in a modern translucent design that is available in a wide range of colors and styles. The “cotton active” stockings offer a high level of support for men and women and impress with a particularly high cotton content. The breathable microfiber in “microfiber active” stockings combines an attractive ribbed look with a soft and lightweight design.

Available over the counter. The modern packaging design makes it easier to select the right product. The sizing is based on weight and shoe size; a special measurement is not required.

VenoTrain act – sheer elegance

The modern, fine-quality stocking provides light to medium support (70 to 140 denier) and stands out for its high-level of translucency. The “sheer elegance” version is available as a knee-high stocking, a thigh-high stocking with an elegant, wide top band, as 140-denier pantyhose and as maternity pantyhose with a particularly stretchy pantyhose top.


VenoTrain act

VenoTrain act – microfiber active

This stocking is pleasantly soft and allows the skin to breathe thanks to the modern microfiber design – perfect during the summer and when traveling. The opaque and ribbed knee-high stockings for men and women are available in four colors and provide a high level of support (280 denier).

VenoTrain act – cotton active

With a cotton content of more than 60%, the excellent comfort of these natural fibers really stands out. The knee-high stockings for men and women are available in four subtle colors with a distinctive ribbed design and provide a high level of support (280 denier).


VenoTrain act

Quality from your medical retailer

VenoTrain support stockings and other Bauerfeind products are available from medical supply retailers, pharmacies and orthopedic medical retailers, where trained staff will be happy to help you select the right product for you.


Sizing Charts
Sizing System VenoTrain act