VenoTrain® business

Comfortable compression stocking for everyday life

VenoTrain business soothingly supports your veins and relieves or even completely prevents complaints. It effectively promotes circulation and helps prevent spider veins, varicose veins and vein problems. A sophisticated mix of materials featuring cotton makes this knee-high stocking with a ribbed look an ideal companion for work and travel.

  • Ideal for business or travel
  • Temperature-regulating effect
  • Perfect for men


A personal assistant for your veins

Desk work, meetings or business travel all demand a lot of your legs. That is why spider veins, varicose veins and swollen ankles are an important issue in business life.

VenoTrain business reliably counteracts these complaints and offers active support for your veins. It provides noticeable relief, promotes circulation in the lower extremities and is pleasant to wear thanks to the latest materials.

Because your legs have to withstand a tough schedule every day

With a combination of the latest textile fibers, this knee-high stocking featuring a classic ribbed look is an ideal companion for work and while travelling: featuring cotton on the inside, it feels pleasant against the skin. Highly elastic Lycra makes it easy to put on and take off. High-tech Timbrelle fibers ensure a pleasant, smooth feeling when wearing the stocking.

Its temperature- and moisture-regulating properties are due to special high-tech Timbrelle fibers. VenoTrain business features a wide supportive band and integrated comfort heel. This means it won’t pinch or squeeze.

Of course it is also available for women who have to withstand demanding routines. And like all versions of VenoTrain, it is low-maintenance and can be washed in the washing machine without difficulty.

Perfect Fit System


Compression class 1:

  • 80% polyamide
  • 14% elastane
  • 6% cotton

Compression class 2:

  • 71% polyamide
  • 24% elastane
  • 5% cotton