VenoTrain® micro

Versatile compression stocking for a customized style

The elastic knit fabric of VenoTrain micro promotes your circulation and prevents spider veins and varicose veins also during pregnancy. 50% microfiber content makes it particularly cozy and gentle on the skin. It fits without creases and has comfort zones on the foot for increased wearing comfort. With a wide range of designs and color options, it is a perfect choice for any wardrobe

  • Provides support in case of spider veins and varicose veins
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear thanks to microfibers
  • The perfect companion for everyday use and travel

The classic version

Seasonal fashion colors

Every year brings with it a new release of trendy fashion colors and designs. The VenoTrain micro fashion color collection picks up on the latest trends, varying its range every year in the pantyhose version or as thigh-high stockings with a closed or open toe. Thanks to their high microfiber content, the VenoTrain micro fashion colors offer a rich depth of color in both warm and cool tones, and can be combined with new outfits to create a color-coordinated or brightly contrasting effect.

  • trendy tones that vary year on year
  • available as pantyhose or thigh-high stockings
  • pleasantly light to wear, even on warm days

The VenoTrain micro design edition

The "design edition" adds another dimension to the VenoTrain micro range and introduces two patterns to this stylish selection of compression stockings. The "Tango" and "Jive" designs adorn the leg with elegant double stripes or the popular stripe and cable knit pattern. Both patterned designs are available as knee-high stockings, pantyhose, or thigh-high stockings with a closed toe.

  • two patterns "Tango" and "Jive"
  • available in standard and custom-made solutions
  • available in all colors

Standardcolors - Jive

Standard colors - Tango

Fashion colors - Jive and Tango

The unique batik edition

Choose from the wide range of VenoTrain micro (standard and custom-made) any standard or fashion color and dare an exceptional styling with batik-dyed pattern in navy blue or black. Try the individual handmade compression stockings VenoTrain micro in a batik look, they are as unique as you are.



Dyed with fashion colors

Perfect Fit System