ErgoPad® weightflex

Foot orthoses with the X factor

The ErgoPad weightflex orthopedic orthosis combines two types of plastic with different levels of firmness in its orthotic core. The internal "weightflex-X" offers variable support according to individual foot conditions, therapeutic goals and body weight. Thanks to the integral hinges in the forefoot and heel areas, the foot orthoses can easily be worn in shoes with higher heels.

  • Variable support (soft, medium, strong) according to individual foot conditions, therapeutic goals and body weight
  • Can be adjusted to suit different heel heights

Product Details
Product Details

The "weightflex-X" integrated in the orthotic core has a positive effect on the internal dynamics and torsional stability of the feet. The side sections, which vary in elasticity, guide the forces that arise over two pivot points. The mutual exchange of force supports the natural heel-to-toe movement of the feet and corrects the gait.

Orthotic cores with variable support

The weightflex orthotic core is available in soft, medium and strong designs to suit each patient's individual foot conditions, therapeutic goals and body weight.

ErgoPad weightflex cores
Comfortable – even in high heels

Whether you are wearing ballerina-style shoes or pumps – thanks to the integral hinges in the forefoot and heel areas, the foot orthosis can easily be adapted to suit any heel height.

weightflex technology
Only available from medical retailers

ErgoPad redux is only available from medical retailers – e. g. orthotists. The orthotist takes all the necessary foot measurements and determines the condition of the foot using digital measurement technology or imprint foam/ blueprint, supplemented by an examination involving palpation. Following this process, the orthotist will then produce a custom-made foot orthosis, taking the relevant footwear into account.

Technical Details
Special features
  • High-grade plastic orthosis
  • Two plastic components with different levels of firmness in the orthotic core
  • Variable support offered by the "weightflex-X"
  • Integral hinges in the forefoot and heel areas



1) Flexible orthotic core
The flexible orthotic core, offering three different levels of firmness, boosts the torsional moment, supports the longitudinal arch and provides optimal guidance for every step.

2) Hinges
The orthotic core is bendable in both the heel and forefoot areas, so it can be adapted to suit a variety of heel heights.

3) Anatomy taken into account
The edging at the front of the core is anatomically contoured, leaving the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joints free. The edges are thin.

4) Reduced strain at the base of the MTP V joint
The outer area of the orthotic core is lower at the base of the fifth metatarsal bone. This takes into account the biomechanical requirements of this part of the foot.

Medical Details
Medical Details

The rotational and counter-rotational movement of the forefoot and hindfoot affects the complex spiral structure of the foot arches – which guarantees high stability under loading, postural stability and dynamics.

In the case of a loss of function, the new ErgoPad weightflex synthetic orthosis, with its asymmetrical "weightflex-X" incorporated into the orthotic core, helps actively support the natural spiral dynamics in the foot.


Tips for healthy feet

You can find information here about how to keep your feet in top condition!

When selecting your foot orthosis, think about the area of your life in which you wish to use it. The type of foot orthosis depends on the footwear worn. The shoe and the foot orthosis must fit together.