ErgoPad® work:x

Targeted relief, step by step

The ErgoPad work:x orthopedic foot orthoses with weightflex® technology are particularly suitable for use in work safety footwear. They support the functional anatomic heel-to-toe movement, thereby promoting healthy walking. The integrated weightflex® orthotic core guides the gait pattern via two pivoting points to support the torsional stability of the feet. Moderate longitudinal and transversal arch supports raise the feet, provide stabilization, and reduce inappropriate mechanical stress.

  • Supports the feet's natural mobility
  • delays and reduces symptoms of fatigue
  • Design-tested in accordance with DGUV 112-191 with safety footwear from the manufacturers Haix and Steitz Secura
  • Can be used in all areas of work (including ESD)

Product Details
Increased Dynamics

When poor posture and misalignments affect the statics of the foot, it loses its structure and therefore its stability. The asymmetrical "weightflex-X" incorporated into the synthetic core of the ErgoPad work:x has a positive effect on the natural spiral dynamics of the foot, i.e. the twisting movement of the forefoot and hindfoot. The four side sections vary in elasticity to restore the lost dynamics in the foot. The side sections generate a mutual exchange of force during movement, which has a positive impact on the foot and its torsional stability. The interplay of force and counterforce provides perfect guidance for every step. This supports the natural heel-to-toe movement of the feet and corrects the gait.

Designs and Uses

The ErgoPad work:x has been designed especially for use in work safety footwear. Its design and properties are tailored to the requirements placed on the feet at the workplace, e. g. walking on hard floors or excessive strain. It can simply be inserted into the shoe, as a replacement for a removable standard insole. The ErgoPad® work:x is available with variable levels of support – soft, medium, strong – according to individual foot conditions, therapeutic goals, body weight and daily strain.

Design-Tested in accordance with DGUV 112-191

The ErgoPad work:x has been design-tested with work safety footwear from leading manufacturers in accordance with DGUV 112-191. It fulfills the requirements of DIN EN ISO 20345 (Personal Protective Equipment – Safety Footwear) and DIN EN ISO 61340 (Electrostatics) in combination with the relevant safety footwear. It is therefore also suitable for ESD areas. Numerous models can be individually selected:

The new Bauerfeind AG ”Shoe Finder” is a practical aid for orthopedic orthosis treatment:

ErgoPad work:x Shoe Finder

List of design-tested footwear – work:x

Only available from medical Retailers

The ErgoPad work:x can be individually adapted to each foot. It is therefore only available from medical retailers – orthotists. The orthotist will take all required measurements of the foot to establish its condition using digital measurement technology, foam imprints/blueprints, or a physical examination. The orthotist will then process the model to produce a custom-made foot orthosis, taking the relevant footwear into account. With foot orthoses like these, the shoe and the orthosis become a tailor-made whole.

Technical Details
Construction of the foot orthosis
ErgoPad work:x - Construction

1) Top cover and cushion layer
Maximum ESD conductivity based on carbon fibers woven into the polyester top cover Soft cushion layer made of ESD conductive foam (5 mm)

2) Anatomically contoured metatarsal pad
Supports the natural arch of the foot behind the metatarsophalangeal joints

3) Flexible orthotic core
The flexible orthotic core, offering three different levels of firmness, boosts the torsional moment, supports the longitudinal arch and provides ideal guidance for every step.

4) Bottom coating
Maximum-sized non-slip contact surface between the foot orthosis and the footwear; made of conductive EVA

Design Options
  • Differences in leg length of up to 1 cm can be compensated for with the foot orthosis
  • Pronation and supination wedges (up to 4 mm) can be integrated
Medical Details
Main Indication
  • Arch decreased/splay foot
  • Skew foot (pes valgus)

Concomitant Indication

  • Mild high-arched foot (pes cavus)*
  • Knee/back pain

*Depending on the severity of the foot, knee or back deformity

Mode of Action

The rotational and counter-rotational movement of the forefoot and hindfoot affects the complex spiral structure of the foot arches – which guarantees high stability under load, postural stability and dynamics. In the event of a loss of function, the new ErgoPad work:x, with its asymmetrical "weightflex-X" incorporated into the orthotic core, helps actively support the natural spiral dynamics in the foot.