GloboTec® orthosis systems

Therapy for every foot

GloboTec is a unique range of specialized foot orthoses. The many different designs vary in terms of the materials used, construction and areas of use. Over 300 products are available to keep your feet healthy – the right product for every foot!

  • Over 300 foot orthoses guarantee the correct orthosis for every foot
  • Provides orthopedic guidance and support for the foot, distributes the body weight evenly over a large foot load surface area – combats foot misalignments and their consequences
  • Suitable for comfort, leisure, sports and children's shoes right through to specialized shoes; all depending on the orthosis model

Product Details
The right product for every foot

Every foot is different and makes different requirements of a foot orthosis. Some require greater comfort, others need orthopedic support. GloboTec takes this into consideration with its varied product range. The right model is chosen and adapted for you from this range according to your needs.

Designs and uses

The GloboTec range encompasses orthoses for everyday use, sport and leisure and specialized ones for children.

Only available from medical retailers

GloboTec orthoses are models. They are therefore only available from a medical retailer – an orthotist. He will take all the necessary measurements of the foot and establish the status of the foot using digital measurement technology, foam imprint/blueprint or physical examination. Following this measurement process, the orthotist will then process the model to produce a custom-made foot orthosis, taking the relevant footwear into account. With foot orthoses like this, the shoe and the orthosis become a tailor-made whole.

Technical Details
  • Over 300 orthosis models covering the following combinations: Plastic, soft padded material and cork
  • Long- and short-sole
  • Accessories and consumables are also available from ErgoPad
Construction of the foot orthosis
  • Top cover: Various materials
  • Cushion layer: Various materials combined in a sandwich construction
  • Additional components: Pad, Thermal reinforcement, Wooden spline
  • Core/base layer:
    Plastic core – Various materials
    Soft foam base layer – Various Shore hardnesses and cushioning properties
    Cork base layer – Various Shore hardnesses and cushioning properties
  • Bottom coating: Various materials
  • Accessories


  • Suitable for adults and children with typical foot deformities such as flat foot, splay foot or skew foot
  • The wide range of ErgoPad products guarantees a personalized orthosis that suits the relevant indications

Serviceable life

  • High-quality and durable materials mean that the foot orthosis remains serviceable even after prolonged use – but this does fundamentally depend on the load
  • We recommend that the functional properties be checked regularly
Cleaning instructions
  • Wipe the surfaces using a mild cleanser and a sponge (except leather top covers) and/or disinfectant
  • Not machine-washable
  • Do not expose to direct heat (central heating, direct sunlight)
  • Allow to air dry

Modification instruction - Specific information for medical retailers

  • The outline of the foot orthosis must be ground (shape of the sides of the orthosis and orthosis thickness) – easy to grind (grinding belt; polishing brush on the blade disk)
  • Easily bonded (standard workshop adhesives)
  • Partial and complete thermoplastic molding possible for the core (hot air blower or oven, 100-180°C)
Medical Details

Main indications (depending on the model)

  • Flat foot, splay foot or skew foot

Concomitant indications1 (depending on the model)

  • Hollow foot, mild and moderate severity
  • Rheumatoid foot deformities
  • Post-traumatic foot deformities
  • Achilles tendon complaints
  • Knee joint/back pain

1 Depending on the severity of the foot, knee or back deformity.

Tips for healthy feet

You can find information here about how to keep your feet in top condition!

When selecting your foot orthosis, think about the area of your life in which you wish to use it. The type of foot orthosis depends on the footwear worn. The shoe and the foot orthosis must fit together.