ErgoPad® Soft

The cushioning foot orthosis with high shape retention

The ErgoPad Soft foot orthosis creates a comfortably soft bed for your feet and provides durable cushioning thanks to its specially developed polyurethane-based soft foam pad. The material is viscoelastic, which means your feet will mold the orthosis into a comfortable shape. Its main advantage, however, is its shape retention characteristics: the foam always returns to its original shape without manipulation. The foot orthoses therefore offer guaranteed long-lasting shock absorption and excellent wearing comfort in the long term.

  • Lightweight, viscoelastic soft foam
  • High shape retention characteristics for long-lasting shock absorption
  • Easy to manipulate

Long-lasting cushioning

The lightweight, viscoelastic soft foam of the ErgoPad Soft allows the feet to mold the orthosis to a comfortable shape when walking. The foam also has high shape retention characteristics, which means that it will always return to its original shape without manipulation. The foot orthosis therefore provides consistently effective shock absorption, even when worn for long periods of time. The product tests confirm that after 700,000 steps, the ErgoPad Soft still exhibits significantly better cushioning properties than a conventional soft cushioning foot orthosis.

Simultaneous support

A reinforcement element is placed inside the foot orthosis to support the longitudinal arch. ErgoPad Soft therefore provides stabilization in the metatarsal area and comfortably cushions the metatarsal bone and the heel. The reinforcement element makes ErgoPad Soft thermo-formable, allowing it to be optimally adapted to the foot.

Easy to manipulate

ErgoPad Soft is conically contoured on the shoe side ex works. This makes it easier to adapt the blank to the shoe shape, simplifying the process of finishing the foot orthosis and ensuring faster customer service. A particularly practical feature is the lined and dotted structure on the underside of the foot orthosis, which serves as a guide when grinding. This ensures that the work is cost-effective and helps to achieve uniform grinding on both foot orthoses.

Special features of the ErgoPad Soft

  • Lightweight viscoelastic foam
  • Long-lasting cushioning effect
  • Reinforcement element to support the longitudinal arch
  • Easy to grind
  • Thermo-formable
  • The foot orthosis is available in two levels of firmness.


  • Suitable for people with typical foot deformities such as flat foot, splay foot, and skew foot


Main indications

  • Flat foot, splay foot, or skew foot
  • Hollow foot, mild and moderate severity

Concomitant indications1

  • Post-traumatic foot deformities
  • Chronic heel and ankle pain
  • Achilles tendon complaints
  • Knee joint/back pain

1Depending on the degree of severity.

Mode of action

  • Extensive cushioning for the foot and prevention of pressure peaks thanks to weight distribution
  • The risk of injury to sensitive areas of the foot through rubbing can be avoided