TRIactive® OA

Orthopedic orthosis for knee pain caused by osteoarthritis

The TRIactive OA was primarily developed to relieve osteoarthritis pain in the knee. Depending on how the outer edge reinforcement is positioned, the foot orthosis provides targeted relief for the painful area of the knee. Its special design also provides more stability, assists with guidance during movement and reduces shock loads. The orthopedic foot orthosis can be used separately or in combination with an orthosis depending on the stage of osteoarthritis in the knee.

  • Targeted relief for osteoarthritic knee pain
  • Can be used during various stages of treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Fits into a wide range of everyday and recreational shoes

TRIactive® OA: Foot orthosis for targeted relief of osteoarthritis in the knee

TRIactive OA was specially designed for patients with osteoarthritis in order to reduce pain in the knee. Depending on how the reinforcement is positioned, the orthosis provides relief in cases of medial (inner) or lateral (outer) osteoarthritis of the knee. The soft cushioning layer also reduces the shock load when walking. Heel-to-toe movement and movement guidance are supported by the fixed, supporting edge of the heel area on the orthosis. Tried-and-tested PowerWave technology allows for fluid transitions between the supporting and cushioning material zones, ensuring one-of-a-kind wearing comfort.

The first step towards treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee

TRIactive OA assists with incipient osteoarthritis pain in the knee and can be individually adjusted to your needs and foot problems. It is easy to use during everyday activities and fits in a variety of shoes. In case there is advanced wear of the joint cartilage, you can use the foot orthosis in combination with a knee orthosis like GenuTrain OA in order to stay active and retain mobility. After all, even for osteoarthritis of the knee, being active is key to good health!

Construction of the foot orthosis

  1. Soft cushioning layer for reducing shock load
  2. Orthotic core to support the arch of the foot
  3. Pronation/supination wedge for correction of position
  4. Base layer with PowerWave® technology comprising
    various firm soft foam materials to guide the heel and support pronation/supination


Main indications

  • Misalignment of the foot axis and associated functional impairments during heel-to-toe movement
  • Medial or lateral osteoarthritis of the knee (depending on the version)

Concomitant indications

  • Arch decreased foot/splay foot
  • Skew foot
  • Mild to moderate pes cavus / high arched foot

Mode of action

  • Provides relief in cases of medial (inner) or lateral (outer) osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Cushions shock loads

Cleaning instructions

  • The surfaces can be wiped clean using a mild cleaner/disinfectant
  • Not machine-washable
  • Do not expose to direct heat (central heating, direct sunlight)