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The 3-zone foot orthosis is specially designed for sporty and active people. Thanks to the vertical cushion layer technology (specific arrangement of functional cushions of various degrees of hardness), the foot orthosis allows for sport-specific cushioning and guidance of the feet. This can decrease muscular fatigue and alleviate strain injuries. The locomotor and musculoskeletal system is protected.

  • intelligent three-dimensional PowerWave® Technology
  • targeted loading / unloading and cushioning for the relevant areas of the foot
  • available in the following designs: run, play, walk and golf

PowerWave Technology  iF Design Award   REHACARE DESIGN AWARD

Product Details
An intelligent connection

The main feature of this foot orthosis for sport is its PowerWave Technology. This allows for the exact positioning of functional cushions, which specifically support, cushion and guide the foot. The biomechanical functioning of the foot is therefore actively supported. The functional cushions are created by a vertical arrangement of materials of varying degrees of hardness. Although the striking "jigsaw puzzle" appearance makes the intelligent connection technology visible to the eye, the transitions are smooth to the foot and therefore they cannot be felt.

Designs and uses

The effective orthopedic foot orthosis is suitable for running, indoor sports and ball sports, walking and hiking, as well as for people who spend long periods standing in their everyday lives. It is available in three designs which reflect the load patterns of specific types of sport run (running), play (indoor sports and ball sports), walk (hiking and walking) and golf. The TRIactive can be fitted into standard sports shoes, provided that they have a removable sole with a minimum thickness of 3-5 mm.

Only available from medical retailers

The TRIactive involves working with a model. It is therefore only available from a medical retailer – an orthotist. The orthotist will take all the necessary measurements of the foot and diagnose the status of the foot using digital measurement technology,foam imprint/ink imprint or physical examination. Following this measurement process, the orthotist will then modify the model to produce a custom-made foot orthosis, taking the relevant footwear into account. Thanks to a foot orthosis of this kind, a standard shoe can be made into a customized shoe.

Technical Details
  • Premium soft foam foot orthosis made from high-quality EVA with pad
  • With sport-specific guidance, support and cushioning zones arranged (vertically) adjacent to one another (no "sandwich" construction)
  • Patented, three-dimensional, non-irritant connections between the material zones – PowerWave Technology
TRIactive material zones

Material zones

Cushioning zone (25° Shore A):
The soft cushioning zone reduces the pressure and load peaks in the forefoot and metatarsal areas – for the constantly recurrent load pattern of the landing, supporting and pushing off phases involved in walking and running, in order to protect the entire support and locomotor system.

Support zone (35° Shore A):
The support zone provides extensive absorption of the body weight in the metatarsal area and guides the movement on to the forefoot. The moderately rigid material prevents the foot sinking down too far, thus ensuring that valuable energy is not lost. The integral pad supports the natural transverse foot arches and counteracts the high level of pressure under the MTP-joints.

Guidance zone (45° Shore A):
The stable guidance zone offers the heel and the hindfoot a secure grip, thereby optimizing the natural orientation of the foot. The rigid material in the toe area provides a stable surface for accelerating, changing direction and stopping (design: play).

Available in the following designs
  • TRIactive run – standard shoe shape and comfort shoe shape*
  • TRIactive play – standard shoe shape only
  • TRIactive walk – comfort shoe shape* only
  • TRIactive golf – standard shoe shape only

* Comfort shoe shape has a wider forefoot area and flatter arch supports


  • Suitable for running, indoor and ball sports, walking and hiking and when spending long periods standing


  • fundamentally depends on the load
  • We recommend that the functional properties should be checked after a maximum of 6 months

Cleaning instructions

  • Wipe the surfaces using a mild cleanser and a sponge (except leather top covers)
  • Not machine-washable
  • Do not expose to direct heat (heater, direct sunlight)

Modification instructions - Specially for medical retailers

  • Must be ground (lateral foot orthosis shape and foot orthosis strength)! – easy to grind (grinding belt, grain 40-100, polishing brush on the blade disk)
  • Good for bonding (standard workshop adhesives)
  • Partial thermoplastic molding possible (hot air blower, up to 120°C (248°F), 20-30 sec.)
  • A top cover, e.g. microfiber, is recommended for the mechanical protection of the EVA material

Tips for healthy feet

You can find information here about how to keep your feet in top condition!

When selecting your foot orthosis, think about the area of your life in which you wish to use it. The type of foot orthosis depends on the footwear worn. The shoe and the foot orthosis must fit together!


PowerWave® technology

Functional zones

The functional zones in detail

Cushioning – the soft component
Sensitive areas of the feet are cushioned –to protect them

Support – the medium-firm component
The arch of the foot is supported and relieved –for an upright posture

Guidance – the firm component
The heel is guided as the movement starts –thus actively initiating your steps

Vertical configuration

An effect that makes a difference

The vertical configuration allows the material propertiesdescribed above to act on specific predefined areas.This enables the different functional zones to delivertheir biomechanical effect in precisely the right area.

Intelligent connection

An intelligent connection

The foot is highly functional. 28 bones and 33 joints worktogether to distribute weight in the best possible way – sothere is no room for annoying edges! The wave-shaped serrationsbetween the materials ensure that crossover pointsare edge-free – your foot doesn`t feel irritated!


Main indications

  • Flat foot/splayfoot
  • Pes valgus

Concomitant indications

  • Mild and moderate severity of hollow foot 1
  • Post-traumatic foot deformities 1
  • Talagia 1, 2
  • Achilles tendon complaints 1
  • Knee joint/back pain 1

1 Depending on the severity of the foot, knee or back deformity.
2 Depending on the structural design of the foot orthosis or the type of foot orthosis.


  • Support for flattened foot arches, to relieve pressure on the joints and correction of misalignments of the locomotor system
  • Frequently also alleviates knee and back pain