ManuLoc® Rhizo long

Stabilizing wrist orthosis with longer lever and thumb splint

Whether surgery and plaster casts, combined injuries of the wrist and thumb joints, post-operative irritation, severe osteoarthritis: ManuLoc Rhizo long by Bauerfeind stabilizes the thumb and wrist. This alleviates pain and promotes recovery. Easy to put on and take off, the orthosis allows you to start fitness training again early so you can quickly regain a secure, pain-free grip.

  • Splints the wrist, thumb and forearm following injury, surgery and in case of excessive strain
  • Thumb splint is removable
  • Easy to use for everyday routines

When you need more protection

With severe pain in the wrist and thumb, every grip can feel like torture, making everyday tasks unbearable. The affected joints require total rest by limiting their rotational movement. But not for a long time: as soon as your physician gives the OK, you should gradually start training the muscles again.

ManuLoc Rhizo long is a combination of our ManuLoc long hand orthosis and our RhizoLoc thumb orthosis. Its longer lever completely immobilizes the wrist. The orthotist can further adjust its anatomically shaped aluminum stays for an optimized fit.

Fit again fast

Using the Velcro tab on the thumb, you can gradually release the metacarpophalangeal joint to restore its mobility as quickly as possible. Once this has been achieved, the thumb support can be entirely removed. Then you will be able to grip with all your fingers again, while your wrist will remain stabilized.

The breathable material with incorporated pores allows your skin to get air to keep your wrist and thumb from sweating or itching. Thanks to the Velcro system, the orthosis is easy to put on and take off using the other hand.

Measurement and product range

Recommended for a forearm length of 8,3" (21 centimeters) or more, measured from the wrist.


  • Combined injuries of the wrist and thumb
  • Post-operative follow-up care for fractures of the radial carpus and metacarpus
  • Radial tenosynovitis
  • Severe osteoarthritis of the thumb
  • Post-traumatic treatment
  • Pre-operative care