ManuLoc® Rhizo long Plus

Completely immobilizing hand orthosis

Whether complex injuries in the hand and fingers, severe arthritis, metacarpal fractures or Dupuytren’s contracture: the ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus by Bauerfeind immobilizes the wrist and fingers. This alleviates pain and promotes recovery. Easy to put on and take off at any time, the orthosis allows you to start fitness training again early so you can quickly regain pain-free mobility of your wrist and fingers.

  • Immobilizes the hand and all fingers following injury, surgery and in case of excessive strain
  • Removable thumb splint and finger support
  • Easy to use for everyday routines

Get your life back in your own hands quickly

A fall or sporting accident, excessive strain at work or surgery: sometimes your entire hand needs to be taken out of commission for a while, including the thumb and all fingers.

ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus immobilizes the entire hand from the forearm to the carpal joint all the way to the fingertips. With its long fit, movements of the carpal joint are practically impossible. The finger support can be anatomically adapted for different finger positions depending on the treatment needed.

The wide finger support can be custom-shaped for different positions, for example for widely spread or slightly bent fingers. This immobilizes the fingers and is ideally suited for resting at night. Removing the finger support and thumb brace allows for a gradual increase in mobility.

Fit again fast

Using the Velcro tab on the thumb, you can gradually release the metacarpophalangeal joint to restore its mobility as quickly as possible. Once the desired treatment outcome has been achieved, the thumb and finger supports can be entirely removed. Then you will be able to grip freely again, while your wrist will remain stabilized.

Large interstices and air pores let the skin and wounds breathe. ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus is also easy to put on and take off with one hand. Convenient stoppers prevent the straps from sliding out of their rings.

Measurement and product range


  • Post-traumatic
  • Preoperative and postoperative
  • Combination injury of wrist and the thumb
  • Paralysis