SofTec® Coxa

Stabilizing hip orthosis for secure joint guidance

Dislocated hip, hip replacement surgery, wear or instability: when your hip is damaged, a good orthosis can significantly improve your quality of life. SofTec Coxa relieves pain and provides the necessary protection to start fitness training early – to restore the mobility of your hips more quickly.

  • Helps to secure the outcome of hip joint surgery
  • Counteracts recurrent dislocation
  • Provides targeted restriction of movement for the hips
  • 01 Closure with finger pockets and strap system
    for easy donning and doffing
  • 02 Hip support with integrated pelvic shell
    allows for secure positioning and ensuring optimal immobilization of the joint
  • 03 Multidimensional hinge
    allows for extension/flexion and adduction/abduction limitation
  • 04 Thigh Support
    Individually adjustable for perfect fit

When the hips take center stage

The cause could be a dislocated hip, hip replacement surgery or painful wear caused by osteoarthritis. In case of acute or chronic complaints, your hips are grateful to have professional support. The orthosis provides relief, thus helping to maintain mobility.

Improved confidence and quality of life

The orthosis can be worn comfortably under clothing and provides controlled mobility. On this special hinge developed by Bauerfeind, every direction of movement for the hips can be configured individually depending on your needs and condition. The pivot axis of the orthosis can be positioned precisely, securing the femoral head firmly in the socket. SofTec Coxa effectively protects against movements that could cause the hip to dislocate.

The pelvic frame is individually adjusted to the girth and fits comfortably on the pelvis. It is embedded in a skin-friendly knit fabric that you can easily close with Velcro. Thanks to the convenient Velcro straps, you can also put on the special knit on the thigh yourself with little effort. SofTec Coxa relieves pain and provides the necessary protection to start fitness training early in order to restore the mobility of the hips more quickly. being active is key to good health!

Measurement and product range


  • Prevention of dislocation
  • Total hip-replacement surgery
  • Total hip-revision surgery
  • Femoral-head resection (Girdlestone arthroplasty)
  • Hip spacer for two-stage revision procedures