Stabilizing shoulder support for improved joint guidance

OmoTrain stabilizes the shoulder joint and activates the muscles. The support exerts an intermittent compression massage that relieves pain and promotes circulation. Its special strap system guides the joint securely during movement. It leaves the chest completely free so you can breathe easily. Thanks to these features, OmoTrain offers excellent wearing comfort and reliably supports your recovery.

  • Highly effective against pain
  • Secure guidance of the joints during movement
  • The special strap system leaves the chest area free
  • 01 Three-dimensional Train active knit
    for a perfect fit
  • 02 Viscoelastic Delta pad with frictional nubs
    supports the stabilisation of the shoulder joint and accelerates the absorption of edemas and effusions
  • 03 Good elasticity
    to make it easy to put on and take off the support
  • 04 Strap and Train active knit
    center the glenohumeral joint
  • 05 Reduced compression at the edges
    prevents constriction and feels pleasant to wear
  • 06 The special chest-free wearing system
    leaves the chest area free and does not restrict breathing, ensuring excellent wearing comfort

Breathe deep and shoulder life

If your most mobile joint suddenly stops cooperating the way it should, this also restricts your quality of life. An irritated shoulder, whether as a result of excessive strain, injury or after surgery, requires urgent help to help itself. The OmoTrain active support stabilizes the shoulder joint while activating the muscles.

The special strap system on the support securely guides the joint during movement. This prevents incorrect movements and the associated pain. At the same time, the compression knit exerts a soothing intermittent compression massage that promotes circulation. An additional removable massage pad with frictional nubs massages and stimulates specific trigger points. This also helps to alleviate pain.

Fit again fast

The OmoTrain support slightly lifts your upper arm and holds the humeral head in a central position in the socket. The support is kept in position by a strap that surrounds the torso below the chest, leaving the chest completely free. This makes the OmoTrain comfortable to wear.

The support is easy to put on and take off thanks to its high elasticity and does not cause discomfort during movement. This allows you to gradually retrain your muscles, supporting your recovery and encouraging your mobility.

Measurement and product range


  • Osteoarthritis
  • post-traumatic irritation
  • post-operative irritation