ManuLoc® long

Orthosis for increased stabilization of the wrist

The ManuLoc long is a longer version of the ManuLoc wrist orthosis. As well as immobilizing the wrist like the ManuLoc, it immobilizes large parts of the forearm too. This intensive protection helps to relieve particularly severe symptoms and supports care following severe bruising and as soon as the plaster cast is removed after surgery. Wearing the orthosis prevents painful movements, while the hand can still grip objects and move around freely.

  • Stabilizes the wrist and parts of the forearm
  • Allows gripping movements
  • Easy to put on with one hand

Product Details
Secure support with plenty of mobility

Three long aluminum stays in the ManuLoc long secure the wrist in a relaxed position. They extend well up the forearm and reliably restrict stretching, bending and rotating movements in the hand. This extremely stable design supports the healing process. The orthosis also boosts healing by maintaining finger mobility, leaving them free to perform controlled gripping movements. This prevents stiffness and inappropriate mechanical stress caused by poor posture due to pain.

Practical in everyday life and during treatment

The functional design of the orthosis makes it ideal for daily use. It is pleasantly light and extremely flat, so it can be worn under clothing without any problems. To allow the skin to breathe, there are air holes in the orthosis material as well as large free spaces. The orthosis can be opened quickly and securely closed again using four large micro Velcro fastenings. The fact that it is so easy to put on and take off makes the entire treatment process easier, for example when it comes to checking wounds or pursuing complementary treatment such as physiotherapy or ergotherapy.

Quality from your medical retailer

Stabilizing orthoses like the ManuLoc long and other Bauerfeind products are available from medical supply and other orthopedic medical retailers, where trained staff will advise you and take precise measurements to ensure that your orthosis fits comfortably and securely.

Technical Details
Measurement and product range
Measurement ManuLoc long
Measurementtable ManuLoc long

Recommended for a forearm length of 8,3"(21 centimeters) or more, measured from the wrist.
Universal fit for right or left hand.



Order number*


*=For intermediate sizes, select according to the width of the hand.

Medical Details
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Post-operative follow-up care for fractures close to the wrist
  • Post-traumatic treatment
  • Pre-operative care
Tips for your hand

You can find information here about how to keep your hand in top condition!

Care instructions

  • ManuLoc long can be washed separately by hand using a mild detergent at max. 30 °C (lukewarm).
  • Remove the three stays from the ManuLoc long before washing.
  • To keep the Velcro fastenings on the ManuLoc long in good working order and avoid damage, fasten them before washing.
  • Do not expose to direct heat while drying (e.g. central heating, sunlight etc.).