ManuLoc® Rhizo long Plus

Orthosis for hand immobilization with removable finger support and thumb brace

ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus immobilizes the entire hand, stabilizing the wrist, thumb, long fingers and parts of the forearm. The protective immobilization relieves pain immediately. It can be reduced gradually as treatment progresses, as the thumb brace and finger support are removable. This lightweight orthosis is easy to put on and take off with one hand.

  • immobilizes the entire hand, including the thumb
  • fixes the long fingers in the protective outstretched hand or intrinsic plus position
  • relieves pain
  • the adjustable thumb brace and finger support can be removed
  • easy to put on with one hand

Product Details
ManuLoc® Rhizo long Plus

The ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus is a long hand orthosis with a removable finger support and thumb brace. It immobilizes the entire hand and parts of the forearm, reliably stabilizing the wrist, thumb carpometacarpal and basal joints, and the joints of the long fingers. Three anatomically pre-shaped aluminum stays hold the wrist in a functional position and relieve strain. They also stabilize parts of the forearm and reliably restrict stretching, bending, and rotating movements in the hand. The thumb is immobilized in opposition position using a shapeable aluminum stay to relieve strain from the lateral ligaments. The adjustable finger support fixes the palm of the hand and the long fingers in the outstretched hand or intrinsic plus position. In the latter position, the outer capsular ligaments are gently extended, preventing damage due to immobilization.

Supports multi-stage therapy

The orthosis supports multi-stage therapy: The thumb brace can initially be loosened to allow for progressive training of the thumb basal joint and can then be completely removed at a later stage. As healing progresses, the finger support.

Technical Details
Measurement and Product Range
ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus - Measurement
ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus - Sizingtable

Recommended for a forearm length of 8,3" (21 centimeters) or more, measured from the wrist.



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+6=right, +7=left

Medical Details
  • Post-traumatic
  • Preoperative and postoperative
  • Combination injury of wrist and the thumb
  • Paralysis
Tips for your hand

You can find information here about how to keep your hand in top condition!

Care instructions

  • ManuLoc Rhizo long plus can be washed separately by hand using a mild detergent at max. 30 °C (lukewarm).
  • Remove the three stays from the ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus before washing.
  • To keep the Velcro fastenings on the ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus in good working order and avoid damage, fasten them before washing.
  • Do not expose to direct heat while drying (e.g. central heating, sunlight etc.).