Stabilizing orthosis for immobilization of the wrist

ManuLoc is a wrist orthosis which is prescribed for use following diagnosis of a "mouse hand", carpal tunnel syndrome or after an operation or other irritation. It keeps the wrist still while allowing gripping movements. Inappropriate mechanical stress is avoided. Thanks to its breathable materials and additional air holes, it still feels very comfortable even after hours of wear.

  • Stabilizes and protects
  • Allows gripping movements
  • Lightweight, flat, skin-friendly and easy to use

Product Details
Support and mobility

This stabilizing orthosis supports the wrist without hindering everyday actions. Following bruising or a sprain, it protects and supports the hand while the irritation subsides. It is designed to provide the necessary support while allowing freedom of movement for the fingers, thanks to features such as its generous thumb opening. Wearing the orthosis prevents you from making movements that could cause pain, but your hand is still able to grip objects. The ManuLoc can be worn on the right wrist or the left.

Good for your skin and your hand

The materials and design of the ManuLoc are intended to speed up the healing of the affected wrist, without restricting movement unnecessarily. It is very easy to put on and take off – especially with just one hand. The orthosis can be opened completely using large micro Velcro fastenings. The strap ends with an integrated pull-back stop device allow the fastenings to be secured quickly and without great effort. Moisture can pass through the breathable fabric, so perspiration does not accumulate under the orthosis. The orthosis has a flat design and is made of velour and micro Velcro, which enables it to be worn comfortably under your clothes, without pulling any threads, and also makes it particularly lightweight.

Quality from the medical retailer

ManuLoc stabilizing orthosis and other Bauerfeind products are available from medical and other orthopedic retailers, where trained staff will advise you and take precise measurements to ensure that your orthosis fits comfortably and securely.

Technical Details
Measurement and product range
Measurement ManuLoc
Measurementtable ManuLoc


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* = For intermediate sizes, select according to the width of the hand.
Universal fit for right or left hand.

Medical Details
  • Post-operative irritation
  • Post-traumatic
  • Mild forms of carpal tunnel syndrome
Tips for your hand

You can find information here about how to keep your hand in top condition!

Care instructions

  • ManuLoc can be washed separately by hand using a mild detergent at max. 30 °C (lukewarm).
  • Remove the three stays from the ManuLoc before washing.
  • To keep the Velcro fastenings on the ManuLoc in good working order and avoid damage, fasten them before washing.
  • Do not expose to direct heat while drying (e.g. central heating, sunlight etc.).