Stabilizing orthosis for immobilization of the shoulder joint

The arm sling immobilizes the joint straight after surgery or after reduction of a dislocated shoulder. The open and light construction of the orthosis makes maintaining personal hygiene easier, particularly around the wound.

  • holds the arm securely
  • relieves pain
  • can also be worn at night

Product details
Protection for the shoulder

The OmoLoc, made up of the pelvic/abdominal strap and three individually adjustable arm loops, holds the arm in the 0-degree abduction position and keeps the elbow bent at 90-100 degrees. Limiting movement reduces pain and stabilizes the surgical outcome. The arm loops can be positioned freely along the abdominal strap to suit the patient's individual anatomy.

High level of comfort

The arm sling is easy to put on and can also be worn by the patient at night. The material is comfortable and does not cause skin irritation. No shoulder strap is required to wear the OmoLoc. This avoids incorrect posture and the related tension that occurs in the healthy shoulder. The shoulder strap, however, is available as a spare part.

Technical details
Measurement and product range
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+6=right, +7=left
°= size

Medical details
  • Immobilization following surgery
  • Dislocation of the shoulder
Health tips

Bauerfeind arm training keeps you mobile. You can find information about how to keep your arms in top condition here!

Care instructions

Close all the Velcro fastenings to avoid any damage. Wash the OmoLoc by hand with a mild detergent. Then leave the OmoLoc to air dry.