CerviLoc/CerviLoc S

Stabilizing orthosis for targeted relief of the cervical spine.

The CerviLoc and CerviLoc S cervical supports prevent movements that cause pain. They provide support and relief for the cervical spine. The warming effect helps relax the muscles.

  • stabilizes and relieves tension
  • anatomically contoured for optimum wearing properties
  • breathable, lightweight material for a high level of wearing comfort

Product Details
A targeted effect on the cervical spine

One in two adults has experienced neck pain at least once in their life. This often involves a stiff neck and pain in the shoulders and arms. These painful symptoms, which emanate from the cervical spine area, are generally referred to as cervical syndrome. Those affected by it complain of neck pain, which can radiate into the shoulders, arms and even the head. In most cases, the muscles next to the spine become hardened and the mobility of the head is restricted.

Recurring or persistent pain and tension in the cervical spine area can lead to inappropriate mechanical stress in the long term. In the worst cases, this can cause premature wear to the intervertebral disks or subsequent neurological damage.

The cervical spine is also often affected by accidents. Since it has a high degree of mobility, it is particularly susceptible to speed-related injuries such as whiplash.

CerviLoc / CerviLoc S restricts painful movements and supports the cervical spine. The warming effect relaxes the muscles, thus providing extra relief for the cervical spine.

Comfortable and adaptable

CerviLoc / CerviLoc S is anatomically contoured and therefore feels comfortable to wear. The materials used are pleasantly soft, light and breathable.

Quality from your medical retailer

The CerviLoc orthosis and other Bauerfeind products are available from medical supply retailers and other orthopedic medical retailers, where trained staff will advise you and take precise measurements to ensure that your orthosis fits comfortably and securely.

Technical Details
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*0=CerviLoc, *1=CerviLoc S

Medical Details


  • Pain in the cervical spine area (cervical syndrome)
  • Whiplash

CerviLoc S

  • Severe pain in the cervical spine area (acute cervical syndrome)
  • Moderate whiplash
  • Blockage