Orthosis for the stabilization of the pelvis and relief of the sacroiliac joints

SacroLoc stabilizes the pelvis and relieves pressure on the sacroiliac joints. The orthosis’s elastic mesh material and tensioning straps straighten the sacrum, which relieves the local ligaments. The patented tensioning strap system brings two dorsal pads precisely into position. The pads massage targeted trigger points during movement and have an effect on the stabilizing ligaments and muscles. This alleviates pain, releases tension, and further enhances the relief provided.

  • Stabilizes and straightens the sacrum
  • Relieves pressure on the sacroiliac joints and the local ligaments
  • Massages targeted ligament and muscle insertion points
  • Alleviates pain and releases muscle tension
  • Offers a high degree of wearing comfort

Product Details
exploded drawing SacroLoc
  1. Provides targeted pain relief
    using two friction pads on the sacroiliac joints which can be positioned precisely
  2. Perfect fit during movement
    thanks to elastic mesh material and anatomical shape
  3. Provides immediate relief for the pelvis and sacroiliac joints
    as a result of circular compression using individually adjustable tensioning straps
  4. Easy to put on
    thanks to practical Velcro fastening with wide finger loops
  5. Exceptional level of wearing comfort, even when sitting down
    thanks to breathable mesh materials and low-profile fastening with soft edges
Targeted effect in the lumbar region

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction accounts for 25 % of all cases of back pain in the lumbar spine area.

Comfortable and customizable

SacroLoc’s breathable elastic mesh material sits securely during movement and is comfortable to wear. The orthosis has a slim, flat abdominal closure and can be worn inconspicuously under clothing. The soft edges and the anatomical shape guarantee a secure hold and high wearing comfort. Practical finger pockets on the fastening make it easier to put on and take off the orthosis.

Quality from the medical retailer

The SacroLoc orthosis and other Bauerfeind products are available from medical and orthopedic retailers. Here, trained staff will advise you and take precise measurements to ensure that your orthosis is sitting comfortably and securely in position.

Technical Details
Measurement and Product Range
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Medical Details
  • IS joint syndrome
  • IS joint arthrosis
  • IS joint instability
  • IS joint blockage
  • Myalgia and tendopathia in pelvic region
  • Pelvic ring instability
  • In the case of structural disturbance following lumbar spinal fusion
  • For prophylaxis of relapsing IS joint blockages and myotendopathia (m. rectus abdominis, m. piriformis)
  • Symphysis rupture and relaxation
  • Alleviate pain caused by sitting or standing for long period of time
  • Provide stability for more mobilization in everyday life
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