Spinova® Immo

Orthosis for immobilizing the lumbar spine

Spinova Immo immobilizes and therefore relieves the lumbar spine, alleviating pain. The lumbar orthosis extends up to the lower thoracic spine (up to TH10) and thus reliably protects against damaging rotational movements. Its individually adjustable plastic shell surrounds the torso and pelvis and the special height-adjustable Spinova strap system applies the stabilizing force in a targeted manner.

  • Immobilizes the lumbar spine
  • Relieves and alleviates pain
  • The force applied can be adjusted in terms of position, direction and strength
  • Therapeutic circumferential pressure can be reproduced
  • Anatomical fit and extremely comfortable to wear

Product Details
Reliable support for the back

Spinova Immo immobilizes the lumbar spine. The immobilization of this section of the spine relieves the lumbar vertebrae and alleviates pain. The lumbar orthosis extends up to the lower thoracic spine (up to TH10). This helps it to reliably protect the spine against damaging incorrect movements and, in particular, dependably limit rotational movements.

A plastic shell with a flat abdominal fastening surrounds the torso and pelvis. The Spinova strap system applies the stabilizing force. It consists of a shapeable back setting device and straps which can be attached to it at the appropriate height to provide targeted relief for the painful section of the spine. The position and direction of action can therefore be adjusted according to the treatment. A buckle joins the straps that have been rerouted twice together. The strength of the force applied can be permanently adjusted by altering the strap tension with a torque wrench, ensuring that the therapeutic circumferential pressure remains the same every time it is worn.

The Spinova Immo shell is individually tailored to the patient's body as it is made of two halves that can be moved in relation to each other. It is lightweight, has multiple perforations and is comfortable to wear.

Quality from your medical retailer

Spinova Immo and other Bauerfeind products are available from medical supply and orthopedic retailers, where trained staff will advise you and take precise measurements to ensure that your orthosis fits comfortably and securely.

Technical Details
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Medical Details
  • Conservative treatment for simple, stable fractures of the vertebral body
  • Before and after spine surgery
  • Post-traumatic immobilization
  • Inflammatory diseases
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