WhatsApp - Your direct line to us

Modern and simple Communication with Bauerfeind AG

Do you have a question about a product? Would you like to know when you will receive the goods you have ordered? Whether you’re out and about or at your medical supply retailer – it’s easy to reach us via WhatsApp, no matter where you are.

It’s as simple as this

We can answer your questions directly via WhatsApp quickly and easily. Save our number, +49 176 47353893, in your smartphone contacts and then update your WhatsApp contacts list.

Alternatively, you can just scan in our contact details using the QR code and save them to your contacts.

What you can do through Whatsapp

  • Callback request
  • General questions about products and services
  • Details of pending deliveries

Please understand that we only offer the WhatsApp service for written contact and cannot accept any orders in this way.

When you can reach us

Please note that the WhatsApp service is only available at certain times. You can contact us through WhatsApp between 7 am and 4 pm, Monday to Friday. Of course, your messages are not lost outside these hours and on public holidays. We will answer them as soon as possible.

Important information

Using WhatsApp to contact us is voluntary. You can of course still reach us by mail, fax, telephone or e-mail.

Please note that WhatsApp is a service provided by WhatsApp Inc. (service provider). If you use WhatsApp, you do so on your own responsibility and in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions of the service provider that you accepted when installing the WhatsApp software on your cell phone. WhatsApp’s terms and conditions of use and privacy policy apply to this service (https://www.whatsapp.com). The availability and functionality of the WhatsApp service do not fall under our area of influence or responsibility. This also applies to the type and scope of use of the data you have transmitted via WhatsApp by the service provider as well as the location in which the service provider stores and processes this data. This location may also be situated outside the EU, meaning that European data protection legislation may not apply.

We therefore strongly advise you not to send personal data, particularly patient data, to us via WhatsApp. To that effect, we will not share any information with you via WhatsApp concerning contracts, invoices, or similar documents and will also not request data of this kind from you in this way.

Bauerfeind AG will never ask customers for personal information, such as password details for the online shop, by e-mail, or in WhatsApp messages. This is always an indication of fraud attempts.

The exchange of information with Bauerfeind AG via WhatsApp exclusively serves general information purposes that are irrelevant from a contractual perspective. Contractual statements will not be made through this medium and can also not be received in this way. Please understand that we are therefore unable to accept any contractual orders and statements, e.g. orders, via this communication channel for security reasons. Bauerfeind AG will use other means of communication to contact you about these personal matters. This is how we can continue to guarantee the security of your data.