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Supports, Orthoses, Insoles, Compression Stockings - Instructions for use

Bandagen, Orthesen, Einlagen, Kompressionsstrümpfe - Gebrauchsanweisungen

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DIN EN ISO Certificates

The International Organization for Standardization processes guidelines for the design of quality management systems, in order to optimize products and processes and make them checkable. Standards such as DIN EN ISO 9001 impose requirements upon this system. The corresponding certificate is proof that Bauerfeind fulfills these standards, for example in development, production, marketing and sales.

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The status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-F) enables companies throughout the European Union, as well as in other areas, to obtain authorizations for customs procedures with an economic impact and other simplified procedures in a simple way and without any need for retesting. This status is awarded based on the fulfillment of extensive requirements relating to reliability, solvency, previous compliance with the relevant legislation and, where applicable, the fulfillment of certain safety standards. By obtaining this certificate, we are also securing several competitive factors in the international movement of goods.

Conformity Declaration