VenoTrain® soft

Soft compression stocking for the highest requirements

VenoTrain soft assists vein activity and relieves your complaints with a gentle, soothing massage. This promotes circulation beyond the effect of medical compression. VenoTrain soft is available in standard sizes within our Perfect Fit sizing system or as a made-to-measure product. The fashionable stocking comes in a large variety of colors including our Fashion Colors.

  • Relieves complaints caused by weak veins
  • Hard-wearing material
  • Massages the legs when wearing the stocking


Gentle and effective for painful legs

VenoTrain soft is a truly impressive all-rounder: not only is it a unisex product, but it also is suitable for a wide range of complaints. Overstrained leg veins can cause unsightly spider veins and varicose veins or even serious vein problems.

VenoTrain soft assists the vein activity in your legs and relieves complaints with a gentle compression massage. In addition to normal knee-high and thigh-high-stockings, VenoTrain soft is also available as pantyhose with different designs. Available in standard sizes within our Perfect Fit sizing system or as a made-to-measure product, it always fits perfectly and securely.

An eye-catching compression stocking

You can obtain VenoTrain soft in discreet nude tones, vibrant colors or dark hues or in the latest eye-catching Fashion Colors. The opaque, sturdy stocking can be worn during any activity and is highly comfortable to wear.

Its soft, skin-friendly material offers maximum wearing comfort in all life situations. And for extra toe freedom, it is also available with an open toe. Like all versions of VenoTrain, it is low-maintenance and can be washed in the washing machine without difficulty.

Perfect Fit System


Compression class 1:

  • 70% polyamide
  • 30% elastane

Compression class 2:

  • 65% polyamide
  • 35% elastane