Digitale Messtechnik von Bauerfeind

Medical aids can only be 100% effective when they fit properly. This requires the exact measurement of the relevant body dimensions.

This quality requirement led Bauerfeind to invest in the development of 3D technology for measuring parts of the body. The Bodytronic umbrella brand now includes several measuring systems that record body dimensions quickly and accurately, present loading situations in graphical form, and document measurement results.

3D-Leg model for compression stockings and supports

The Bodytronic 600 digital measurement system measures the legs up to the hips. The customer stands on a platform that automatically turns through 360°. The system projects beams of light onto the body during this process and maps out a digital grid. This produces an exact 3D image of the leg, which allows the relevant circumference and length measurements to be calculated. This measurement data forms the basis for determining the size precisely and selecting perfectly fitting compression stockings and supports.

With Bodytronic 600 and the connection to the Bauerfeind online shop, the entire process from measurement and configuration to ordering is made easier. This eliminates many potential causes of errors right from the start and, apart from anything else, saves a considerable amount of time. The whole measurement and ordering process with Bodytronic 600 and the Bauerfeind online shop only takes about five minutes. Manual measuring takes 25 minutes.

Which technologies belong to BODYTRONIC?


Leg health can be measured


Better measurements ensure the best care

Transportable 3D measurement technology system for mobile use


The next generation of measurement technology

The next generation of full-body measurement technology

BODYTRONIC 600 - Clinically proven

The measurement accuracy of Bodytronic 600 has been validated at the University of Rostock’s Orthopedic Clinic and Polyclinic. The scientists used the computed tomography (CT) scan as a reference. The measurements for comparison with both systems were taken using a stationary test body as well as real people. In all sets of measurements, the average standard deviation in terms of circumference and length values was less than one percent. The same applied to dynamic measurements, during which the test bodies or test subjects were moved.

Quick vein check up

Light reflection rheography is a completely painless method of detecting vein problems invisible from the outside at an early stage without causing side effects. To do this, Bodytronic 200 – the first wireless LRR system – uses an infrared sensor, positioned above the inside of the ankle, to wirelessly measure how quickly the veins refill with blood after this has been pumped out by means of a specific movement sequence. The results obtained allow indications of potential vein problems, which are invisible from the outside, to be identified early on and provide a basis for taking the necessary therapeutic measures, minimizing secondary damage further down the line.

Foot pressure measurement for fitting foot orthoses

The medilogic system allows the medical retailer to determine the individual static or dynamic load situation on the sole of the foot. Data on the shape, pressure distribution, and foot dimensions is collected and analyzed. This provides a basis for foot experts to use to identify the triggering factors behind foot complaints and establish the general dynamics of the feet during walking. As well as diagnosing the foot, the retailer can also use the measurement data to recommend appropriate foot orthoses. In addition, this information can be used to precisely adapt the foot orthoses to the feet’s requirements.

Where can I get digitally measured?

In Germany there are many Bauerfeind quality partners – both medical supply retailers and orthotists – who work with this technology.