VenoTrain® impuls

Compression stocking for advanced vein problems

From pronounced varicose veins to early lymphedema, the list of vein and lymphatic problems is long. VenoTrain impuls provides relief. Thanks to its powerful LYCRA® fibers, it is effective even with low muscle activity. It is also easy to put on and extremely comfortable to wear. The stocking is available in four fashionable colors.

  • Effective even with little activity
  • Easy to put on
  • Breathable and gentle on the skin


VenoTrain impuls Colors

Because your legs are always under pressure

Nowhere in the body are the veins subject to such severe stress as in the legs: from here, they have to transport blood back up to the heart. So it’s no surprise that there are countless conditions for which the veins require support from the outside. These range from pronounced varicose veins to phlebothrombosis or early lymphedema, just to name three.

VenoTrain impuls is one of our tried-and-tested medical compression stockings. The specialist compression stocking for advanced vein problems exerts particularly deep compression even during low muscle activity. Thus it supports the veins and tissue, promotes your circulation, helps to release retained fluid in the tissue and relieves your pain.

Comfort across the board

A high microfiber content makes the support easy to put on. The support is breathable, so it is equally comfortable to wear on warm or cold days. A large range of standard sizes ensures a perfect fit and optimal function.

If required, of course, custom-made solutions are also available. With four common standard colors, it matches any outfit, and of course you can simply wash it in your washing machine!

Measurement and Sizingtable


  • Pronounced varicose veins with and without edema C2, C3 1
  • Advanced chronic venous insufficiency, atrophie blanche, dermatoliposclerosis C4a, C4 1
  • Phlebothrombosis, pelvic vein thrombosis, post-thrombotic syndrome
  • Primary or secondary lymphedema stage I
  • Follow-up care of healed recurrent venous ulcers C5 1
  • Guaranteed therapeutic effects 2
  • Significant improvement in the venous hemodynamics thanks to high slope value 3
  • Effective prevention of venous refluxes
  • Effective edema mobilization 

1 according to CEAP classification
2 Jünger M.: Hämodynamische Effekte von medizinischen Kompressionsstrümpfen unterschiedlichen Materials in Bezug auf den Arbeitsdruck in vivo, OT 11/2000 ("Hemodynamic effects of medical compression stockings of different material in respect of in vivo working pressure")
3 The slope value describes the elasticity of a knit and specifies the working pressure. The VenoTrain impuls+ is a short-stretch elastic and thus slightly stretchy compression stocking with a high slope value (working pressure).