ErgoPad® weightflex

Orthopedic orthosis to support the arch of the foot and heel-to-toe movement

ErgoPad weightflex supports your foot arches in case of mild to pronounced flat feet, splay feet or high-arched feet. A specially developed core facilitates the natural heel-to-toe movement of your foot, thus encouraging a fluid gait. At the same time, its gentle cushioning effect protects against local pressure pain during walking. The comfortable microfiber top cover is easy to clean.

  • Supports the natural heel-to-toe movement of the foot
  • Provides comfortable support, relieves cramping and relaxes the feet during walking
  • Fits in nearly any shoe (even with heels)

Support for your foot arches

Even mild cases of flat feet, splay feet or high-arched feet frequently cause pain under prolonged strain. Complaints become more severe depending on the extent of the deformation. Here, the ErgoPad weightflex provides relief. It supports your foot arch in the transverse and longitudinal direction and promotes natural heel-to-toe movement in your foot. This is primarily provided by a specially developed core. At the same time, a mild cushioning effect protects against local pressure pain during walking. Patients with experience wearing foot orthoses will appreciate how easy it is to clean the comfortable microfiber top cover.

Specialist advice

ErgoPad weightflex is only available from medical retailers. The orthotist will measure your feet and then use the orthotic blank to prepare a customized foot orthosis for you. The foot orthosis is available in various versions: a “soft” version for mild support, a “medium” version for medium support and a “strong” version for strong support of your foot arch. Thanks to its flat design and choice between narrow and wide variants, ErgoPad weightflex is suitable for nearly any shoe. With its integrated hinges, it even fits heels up to a height of six centimeters.

Construction of the foot orthosis

  • 01 Flexible orthotic core
    The flexible orthotic core, offering three different levels of firmness, boosts the torsional moment, supports the longitudinal arch and provides optimal guidance for every step.
  • 02 Hinges
    The orthotic core is bendable in both the heel and forefoot areas, so it can be adapted to suit a variety of heel heights.
  • 03 Anatomy taken into account
    The edging at the front of the core is anatomically contoured, leaving the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joints free. The edges are thin.
  • 04 Reduced strain at the base of the MTP V joint
    The outer area of the orthotic core is lower at the base of the fifth metatarsal bone. This takes into account the biomechanical requirements of this part of the foot.

Special features

  • High-grade plastic orthosis
  • Two plastic components with different levels of firmness in the orthotic core
  • Variable support offered by the "weightflex-X"
  • Integral hinges in the forefoot and heel areas

The rotational and counter-rotational movement of the forefoot and hindfoot affects the complex spiral structure of the foot arches – which guarantees high stability under loading, postural stability and dynamics.

In the case of a loss of function, the new ErgoPad weightflex synthetic orthosis, with its asymmetrical "weightflex-X" incorporated into the orthotic core, helps actively support the natural spiral dynamics in the foot.