ErgoPad® work:x

Orthopedic orthosis for work safety shoes

Flat foot and splay foot, skew foot or slightly high-arched foot: for anyone whose daily work routine involves lots of standing, walking and heavy lifting, it is common to suffer from more than just foot pain or chronic heel and ankle pain. The knee, hip and back can also be affected. The ErgoPad work foot orthoses were specially developed for work safety shoes.

  • Supports the arch of the foot in case of occupational strain-induced pain
  • Relieves the heel (ErgoPad work:h)
  • Approved for a variety of work safety shoes

Relieve your feet while you work

Walking around in work shoes all day can quickly make your feet hurt, particularly if you have a misalignment in your feet: the list ranges from flat foot and splay foot to skew foot and slightly high-arched foot. The result is often more than just painful feet and heels. Since overall posture is impaired, additional complaints frequently occur. For example, this is a common cause of back pain.

The ErgoPad work foot orthosis is certified with numerous shoe models by different manufacturers. A synthetic core supports the arch of the foot and relaxes the tendons on the bottom of the foot. ErgoPad work:h provides targeted relief for chronic heel and ankle pain, thanks to its softly padded cut-out in the area of the heel. ErgoPad work:x on the other hand, supports the natural heel-to-toe movement of the foot with a special core design.

Specialist advice

Foot orthoses for work safety shoes are only available from medical retailers. The orthotist will measure your feet and then use the orthotic blank to prepare a customized foot orthosis for you. In both variants, a non-slip bottom coating ensures a firm grip.

Construction of the foot Orthosis

  • 01 Top cover and cushion layer
    Maximum ESD conductivity based on carbon fibers woven into the polyester top cover Soft cushion layer made of ESD conductive foam (5 mm)
  • 02 Anatomically contoured metatarsal pad
    Supports the natural arch of the foot behind the metatarsophalangeal joints
  • 03 Flexible orthotic core
    The flexible orthotic core, offering three different levels of firmness, boosts the torsional moment, supports the longitudinal arch and provides ideal guidance for every step.
  • 04 Bottom coating
    Maximum-sized non-slip contact surface between the foot orthosis and the footwear; made of conductive EVA

Design Options

  • Differences in leg length of up to 1 cm can be compensated for with the foot orthosis.
  • Pronation and supination wedges (up to 4 mm) can be integrated.


Main Indication

  • Arch decreased/splay foot
  • Skew foot (pes valgus)

Concomitant Indication

  • Mild high-arched foot (pes cavus)*
  • Knee/back pain

*Depending on the severity of the foot, knee or back deformity

Mode of action

The rotational and counter-rotational movement of the forefoot and hindfoot affects the complex spiral structure of the foot arches – which guarantees high stability under load, postural stability and dynamics. In the event of a loss of function, the new ErgoPad work:x, with its asymmetrical "weightflex-X" incorporated into the orthotic core, helps actively support the natural spiral dynamics in the foot.