SofTec® Lumbo

Back orthosis for stabilization of the lumbar spine to support treatment

SofTec Lumbo offers maximum stabilization for the weakened bone structure of the spine. The orthosis supports a dynamic treatment approach, using supportive elements that can be combined in different ways: a plastic shell, a firm knitted fabric with integrated, replaceable corset stays and an adjustable tensioning strap system. Thus the restrictive effect can be reduced gradually, allowing you to rebuild your muscles.

  • Protects the lumbar spine against incorrect movements and stress
  • Shell, stays and abdominal cushion offer stabilization
  • Stabilizing effect can be adjusted over the course of treatment

Helping your back muscles “get back on their feet”

Your spine requires maximum support: here’s where SofTec Lumbo is the aid of choice. This functional orthosis is made up of various supportive elements that can be combined in different ways over the course of treatment. A plastic shell that encompasses the torso immobilizes the lumbar area and protects against incorrect movements. It is held in place by a firm compression knit.

Using a tensioning strap system, you can adjust the close fit according to your needs. Reinforced back stays are integrated into the knit and can be replaced with flexible corset stays at a more advanced stage of recovery. At the front, a firm cushion known as the abdominal pad exerts additional compression. This cushion and the plastic shell can both be removed at a more advanced stage of recovery after consultation with your physician.

Fit again fast

Gradual adjustment to the progress of treatment can start right in the hospital bed. This allows you to continuously increase mobilization. During development and when selecting materials, supporting dynamic treatment was just one of our goals.

We were equally concerned with your well-being and comfort when putting on and wearing the orthosis. For example, special finger pockets on the fastening make it easy to use even in a severely weakened condition. SofTec Lumbo can be scaled back as you grow stronger. It accompanies you step by step on the path back to an active life. To ensure your rapid recovery, nothing is more important than movement.

Measurement and product range


  • After stabilizing operation (e.g. spondylodesis)
  • After lumbar disk surgery
  • Degenerative instability
  • Spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis
  • Facet syndrome
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Symptomatic stenoses of the intervertebral lumbar foramina
  • Fractures of the lower lumbar spine
  • Tumors (metastases), inflammation