ManuLoc® Rhizo

Stabilizing wrist orthosis with thumb splint

Whether particularly painful combined injuries of the wrist and thumb joints, post-operative conditions, osteoarthritis or irritation: ManuLoc Rhizo by Bauerfeind stabilizes the thumb and wrist and completely immobilizes them if necessary. This alleviates pain and promotes recovery. Easy to put on and take off, the orthosis allows you to start mobility training again early so you can quickly relearn pain-free gripping movements.

  • Protects the wrist and thumb following injury, surgery and in case of excessive strain
  • Thumb splint is removable
  • Easy to use for everyday routines

When pain relief is within reach

Whether a fall down the stairs or chronic joint wear: where the wrist is affected, the thumb joints may also be at risk. This combination of complaints can make every grip unbearable. The first step is to stabilize and immobilize. To mobilize the thumb, you can restore freedom of movement gradually using the Velcro strap.

Fit again fast

ManuLoc Rhizo combines the functions and technical features of a wrist orthosis with those of a thumb orthosis. Anatomically shaped, flat aluminum stays provide stability for the wrist and thumb. The orthotist can further adjust them to ensure an optimized fit.

The Velcro tab on the thumb can be loosened to gradually restore the mobility of the metacarpophalangeal joint. Once this has been accomplished, the thumb support can be removed. Then you will be able to grip with all your fingers again, while your wrist will remain stabilized.

The breathable material with incorporated pores allows the skin to get air to keep your wrist and thumb from sweating or itching. Thanks to convenient Velcro fastening, the orthosis is easy to put on and take off using the other hand.

Measurement and product range


  • Pre-operative
  • Irritation in the wrist or in the thumb basal joint and thumb carpometacarpal joint (post-traumatic and post-operative)
  • Severe carpometacarpal joint arthrosis
  • Combination injury in the wrist and thumb carpometacarpal joint
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome