Orthosis for pain-relieving mobilization in cases of osteoarthritis of the hip

CoxaTrain guides and stabilizes the hip joint. A gentle massage of the muscles alleviates pain; gait will improve. Finger pockets and loops make it easier to put on and take off the product. The orthosis has a lightweight and flat design that’s invisible under clothing. CoxaTrain makes physical activity easier, thus equally boosting treatment and self-healing powers.

  • Alleviates hip pain during movement
  • Guides and stabilizes the hip joint and improves gait
  • Relaxes muscles in the lumbar, pelvic and hip region
Features - CoxaTrain
  1. Alleviates pain in the lumbar, pelvic and hip region
    using the gluteal pad and two friction pads
  2. Relaxes the muscles carrying outmovement
    using the eccentric hinge with trochanter pad
  3. Provides immediate relief to the pelvis and sacroiliac joints
    thanks to circular compression using individually adjustable tensioning straps
  4. Height-adjustable thigh
    supportabove the joint splint
  5. High level of patient compliance
    thanks to breathable materials and flat design
  6. Easy to put on
    thanks to convenient finger loops

Improved gait thanks to reduced pain

Osteoarthritis of the hip, rheumatoid arthritis or the condition known as impingement syndrome can all cause severe pain while walking. This affects gait and can even lead to visible limping. CoxaTrain provides stabilizing guidance for the hip joint and gently massages the muscles. This leads to noticeable relief and pain reduction.

An adjustable support made of breathable, elastic material surrounds the pelvic ring, another one surrounds the thigh. Both are connected by a flat, bracing joint splint made of aluminum. This splint guides and supports leg movement while walking. If required, the range of motion can be limited toward the front and/or the back. Two special pressure cushions (pads) massage the transition from the lumbar spine to the pelvis. While walking, another cushion, called Trochanter Pad, moves up and down over the greater trochanter (the protrusion of the thigh bone). In this way, it acts on the tendon insertions and alleviates pain. Patients suffering from hip problems know a similar effect when they push down on the painful area with their fingers to feel relief. At the same time, sensorimotor function is activated. The Gluteal Pad massages trigger points on the upper side of the pelvis. All this has a relaxing effect on the hip muscles.

Fit again faster

The orthosis has a lightweight and flat design that’s hardly visible under clothing. Finger pockets and loops make it easier to put on and take off the product. CoxaTrain not only makes daily walking easier. It also supports physiotherapy. It equally boosts treatment and self-healing powers, and you’ll get back on your feet more quickly: being active is the key to good health!

Measurement and Sizingtable

Measurement and Sizingtable - CoxaTrain


  • Osteoarthritis of the hip (Kellgren-Lawrence score 2 – 4)
  • Muscular imbalance in the lumbar, pelvis and hip area
  • Muscular problems after hip joint surgery
  • Impingement of the hip joint
  • Instability of the hip joint
  • Feeling of instability in the hip
  • Loosening of hip prosthesis if surgery is not possible

CoxaTrain - Put on the hip orthosis


It just takes 3 steps to your CoxaTrain®


Visit your physician and get a thorough check-up.

Talk to your physician about wearing a Bauerfeind support: a prescription is an option for many.


Take your prescription to the right medical supply retailer.

Find a medical supply retailer near you that offers high-quality Bauerfeind products. Stay away from cheap supports that are less effective.


Obtain your Bauerfeind support.

For proper healing, it is very important that your support fits correctly. The staff at the medical supply retailer will take your measurements and provide you with the right Bauerfeind product.

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